All Foods Engineering

All Foods Engineering is a supplier of new and refurbished bakery machines. We can supply pie machines, depositors, pastry sheeters, conveyors, hot plates and everything for your bakery engineering needs.The name All Foods Engineering has been synonymous with the supply of bakery equipment since the 1970’s.

The original company supplied a range of food processing machinery to bakeries in many countries all across the globe. All Foods Engineering supply new & re-built bakery equipment to bakeries Locally, Nationally and Internationally as the company continues to grow from strength to strength. All Foods Engineering specialises in commercial bakery machinery and with our long experience in the bakery industry, you can be confident that All Foods Engineering has the expertise to help you with all your food production, food transportation or food preparation equipment needs, in fact anything for the professional bakery or food production line!



 Cake Slicing

All Foods Engineering has recently added the PM30 Cake Slicer to the list of items that we now produce, it is a semi automatic machine using only compressed air to accurately cut in-tray cakes.








We cater for everybody from the single baker to large production manufacturing facilities and we can supply new or refurbished bakery equipment to suit your production requirements.

Feel free to browse around our site for more information and to check our stock of reconditioned food production units.