Pie & Tart Machinery

Used and refurbished pie and tart machinery. A variety of inline machines to produce jam tarts, mince pies, meat pies, etc We also have rotary machines, hand machines, and heavy duty machines.

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2 Across in-line pie machine

2 Across In-line Pie Machine, suitable … read more

Orbiter Rotary Pie Machine

Rotary pie machine ideal for … read more

Bruton rotory pie machine

Suitable for a large variety … read more

Dexmore 2/4 Across pie machine

Equipped to produce 8″ plate … read more

Asser 6 across tart /pie line

Equipped to produce deep fill … read more

Peerless Omatic 4 Station Rotary Pie Machine

This Peerless Omatic 4 Station Rotary Pie Machine … read more

Peerless Omatic 6 Station Rotary Pie Machine

This Peerless Omatic 6 Station Rotary Pie … read more

John Hunt power press

Suitable for the production of … read more

Camwheat Junior Rotary Pie Machine

This free-standing 6 station Camwheat … read more