Inline Pie Machine

Inline pie machine information

The machine above has been manufactured to produce pastry cases. 2/3/4 across at a maximum production rate
of 7000 pastry cases per hour. the machine is fitted with a foil dispenser, pastry divider, blocking press, a space left for a depositor and automatic product removal onto a small conveyer. The machine is manufactured with hygiene and maintenance in mind. As you will see there are no over hanging guards, the area below the machine can be easily cleaned, external panels can be easily removed for maintenance. Because of the smooth lines cleaning is made easier. on most inline machines the main press rests on the floor, we have designed the machine to avoid this therefore the floor below the machine can be easily cleaned.

The machine can be manufactured in any length and width to suit most products and can be configured to produce unlidded products or pastry cases. You can also choose to have fixed lids or floating lids on your filled products.

Examples of pies and tarts produced by this equipment:

  • meat pies
  • pork pies
  • meat & potato pies
  • apple pies
  • jam tarts
  • mince pies
  • plate pies

with a production rate of up to approximately 12000 pies or tarts per hour.

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